There’s so much happening for the Limited Liability Company, I hope you can see over the course of this page the currents of what’s happening in the small business world for KC Copeland, LLC.

Here’s a video I made for the purpose of inspiration. In the video, it speaks on the topic of evolving and knowing that you’re enough to get to where you want to be. The main message in which I put together was to remind you that you’re not a victim, EVER! You’re going to experience chaotic tests and go through stuff but…you are just not the victim. You can cry about it, yell and fight about it….BUT you better not throw the towel in! This was created and written by me, Kenyona Copeland.


There are no excuses for why you’re failing….well, that’s only if you’re in the current state. The only way I can see someone miserably failing and stuck, is by allowing the things that hold them back to have authority over you. I may sound mean but I don’t sympathize for anyone like that, because it’s a tiring process.  There’s nothing rejuvenating about not having to show for the suffering….. I mean come on! 

In the works, I have the ACCOUNTABILITY WORKBOOK for anyone who could use the extra 57-page push to map out every section of their lives. It’s a great tool for high school seniors, college students, low-income families, men, women  –EVERYBODY! 

Just think about how prepared you’re going to be with this workbook. You can thank me later, or rather I can thank you later….after you’ve gotten your copy and have been kicking things into action. Just stay close for the announcement on the release of this jewel. 


wear yourself out